Friday, February 10, 2012


"Damn it kid, it's in our other hand!"

I glared at Tom over our combined shoulder.  "Must you ruin everything?"

The kid, Sammy, a young black boy of about six, giggled.

"Great, now we're a comedy magician duo."  Tom said through clenched teeth.  "Watch out Amazing Jonathan!"

Sammie lost interest in us when his mother came back in, carrying a platter containing cookies and three glasses of lemonade.  "I'm sorry, uh, detectives, I wasn't sure if you used one glass or two.

I laughed, spitting out the sip of lemonade I had just taken.  "I'm sorry.  If only more people were as considerate as you.  Anyways," I began my question as she took a seat in the recliner across from us, "It was you who discovered the first shrunken head?"

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