Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another tidbit

Ten Million to one.  Those were the odds they gave our mother that we'd survive through the night.  Those were the same odds that the doctor gave us for a week.  Then a year, after that, our chances improved.  It was five million to one that we would live until the age of five.  Then it was a million to one.  A single million to one chance that we'd make it to ten, and then that chance became closer to half a million to one that we would become adults.

It all started thirty three years ago…
"I'm hungry."
"Damn it Tom, can't you see I am reminiscing here?  And you're not hungry."
"How the hell do you know if I'm hungry?"
I opened my mouth to answer but he told me to shut up.
"And no, I can't see you reminiscing, if I turn my head, I get a look in your ear, which needs cleaning out by the way, but that's it.  I can't see your face unless you look at me too, and that put's our lips…"
If you have ever seen two people shudder at the same time, that is kind of what we did, but we only have one pair of shoulders between the two of us, and sometimes his shuddering cancels mine out, and we just look as if we've seized up for a moment.

My name is Tim, and the other guy, that's Tom.  We're twins.  Conjoined twins. 

"Can't we just get a snack?"  Tom whined.

"Fine.  There are some apples in the crisper."

"I know that, I put them there."

"We put th… why do I bother."  I shook my head.

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