Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hollow World Book 4 Chapter 2



“Well, look who’s awake,”  Amy said, rising from the plastic molded chair beside Peter.

“Where are we?”  He asked, trying to rise from the uncomfortable bed he lay on.

“Here, let me help you,” Amy said, adjusting the back of the bed so it propped him up.  “We made it.  All of us made it to Boulder City.”  She glanced at the doorway and nodded.

“Well Peter,”  Said a man in a white full length jacket.  “Nice of you to join us back in the world of the living.”

“Peter, this is Dr. Andrews.”  Amy said.

“Jason, please.”  The man said, smiling.  He pulled a pen from his pocket and wrote a few notes on a clipboard tied to the foot of the hospital bed.

“What happened?” 

“Well, why don’t you tell me what you remember, and I will try and fill in the gaps.”  Amy said.

“Before you get started, let me check you out real fast.”  Jason said, pulling a small flashlight from the 
same pocket the pen again resided in.  He checked Peter’s eyes, and then his pulse, and finally his temperature with an old glass thermometer that tasted of rubbing alcohol.  

“How am I doc?”  Peter asked, and chuckled, looking at Amy.  “Never thought I’d say that again.”

“I think you’ll live, but you should probably stay another day, get some extra food and liquids in you.”
Peter looked at Amy, who nodded.  “Ok, thanks Jason.”

The doctor left the room and headed into through the door across the hallway, closing that door behind him as he entered.  

“So?”  Amy asked.

“I remember running down the mountain.  And picking up Kyle. Oh shit-“

“He’s fine, everyone is fine.  We all made it.”

“And the Others?”

“Once Zach dragged you inside, the defenders on the wall shot every last one of them.”

“Zach had to drag me inside?”

“Yeah, well, kind of, I mean we were all there, but to hear him tell it.”

“Yeah,” It was Zach, he was standing at the open door to his room.  “There were like three dozen guys on top of you and I came out single handedly and dragged you out from underneath all of them.”  He winked at Amy, who rolled her eyes.  “Good to see your awake.  How are you feeling?”

“Like I just played three periods without pads.”

“The doctor said you got lucky,” Zach said.  “You might have a broken rib or two and that nose looks 
somethin’ awful, but that seems to be it.”

“How long have I been here?”

Zach looked at Amy.  “We’ve been here almost two days.”

“I’ve been asleep for almost two days?”  Peter exclaimed.

“Well, you woke up about middle of the day yesterday swinging at anything that came near and they had to sedate you.  We were all talking to an old friend at the time.”

“Oh, did I hurt anyone?”

“You gave some poor guy a black eye.”

“I guess I should apologize to him.”

“Yeah, he should be around soon to check in.”

“Ok.  Did you say an old friend?” 

“Yeah, let me go get him.”  Zach said, nipping down the hall.

“Holy shit, you look like crap,”  Sam said as he walked in.  “Nice of you to join us.”

Peter stared at the young man framed by the door, his mouth hanging open.  “We looked for you, you know,” was the only thing he could think to say.

“Yeah, that’s what they were telling me.”  He walked up to the side of the bed and extended his hand.
Peter took it and pulled Sam closer, wincing at the pain as the man hit his bruised side.

“Careful,” Sam said, standing back up.

“How the hell?” Peter asked, trying to sit up even further.

“I’m not sure about that,” Amy said, grabbing ahold of Peter who had turned white from the exertion.  

“Ok, I think that’s enough for now, go on you two.”  She shooed Sam and Zach out the door and closed it behind them, regaining her seat beside the bed.

“Was that real?”  Peter asked.

“Yeah, it was.  Sam’s really here.  You’ll never believe how he got here.  You remember the car we saw the night Chris…”

“How could I forget,”  Peter said, the image of the tail lights driving off in the distance flashing into his mind.  “Wait, that was him?”

“He has an electric car.”

“Do I really look like shit?”

Amy kissed him on the forehead and Peter winced.  “You’ve definitely had better days.  Would you like to see?”  She asked, holding up a small gilded handheld mirror.

“Sure” he said and took the mirror.  He did look like shit he decided.  Both of his eyes were black and his upper lip was split open.  He had a cut in between his already slightly crooked nose.  He reached up and touched his lip, and then his nose, not feeling anything.

“You are on a low dose of pain killers, just take it easy today.  We’ll have you up and about tomorrow.”

“Ok.  How is it out there?”

Amy smiled.  “Kyle is amazed, he has already made a few friends, but he doesn’t really leave his dad’s side much.”

“His dad?”

“Yeah, they were right.  Darrel is in charge of security here.  He was as surprised to see them as anyone else, but… I wish you had seen Kyle’s eyes when he saw his father for the first time.

It was Peter’s turn to smile.  “I’ll bet.  How’s Julie holding up?”

“I’ve never seen her smile so much, and Brian has already found a group of musicians to sit in with.”

“And Sarah?”

“She’s doing fine.  I think we all have some adjusting to do again.  They’ve offered us all our own apartments, and clothes, and they have food, and I mean real food.  They converted a building into a greenhouse.  We had fresh green beans last night.  And they have lights, and I took a hot shower this morning.”  She was talking rapid fire, her cheeks glowing, her smile wide.  He almost missed her last statement.  “I hope you don’t mind, I told them that you and I were together.”

“That’s fine.” He said, and suddenly, he felt very tired.



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I thought the periods and pads line was spoken by Amy. Might want to specify who spoke, because the line means something else if spoken by a woman rather than a man.

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