Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hollow World Book 3 Chapter 10


Clink. Clink. Clink.

The Pennyman wasted no time in appearing beside the fat man and dropping an obol into his mouth while both Sam and Evelyn looked on.  

Tears still streaming down her face, she dropped the gun into the dirt and backed away from it fearfully.  
Sam regained his feet and collected the weapon, replacing it’s safety and walking over to where Evelyn was standing, staring blankly at the Pennyman.  “Thanks,” Sam told her.

A barely perceptible nod was the only response he received.  He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight while she continued to cry.  Glancing over her shoulder at the Pennyman, he nodded.

Reaching down into his bag, the Pennyman pulled out a pair of obols and tossed them toward Sam and Evelyn before taking his three steps and disappearing, reappearing in front of the Luxor in Las Vegas.  “Mother, I should have known I’d find you here.”

The olive skinned woman let the limp brunette with the slashed neck fall to the ground before her.  

“You never visit anymore,”  She said, smiling a perfect smile.

“I’ve been busy, no thanks to you… And your brother.”

“This is his fight.”  She told him as she turned her back on him.  “Follow me.”

“I must attend to her first.”  The Pennyman said as he knelt before the woman his mother had killed and placed an obol within her mouth.  He then picked up his bag and proceeded to follow the waiting woman.

“You always were dedicated.”

“If I had not done my job, you would not be here right now.”


“Where are we going?” He asked.

Coyly, “You will see.”  She looked over her shoulder and smiled.  The doors were open as she led them inside of the pyramid.  Hanging in from the ceiling, above the counters labelled ‘check-in,’ was a man, stripped naked to the waist, ragged cuts upon his chest.  The man’s head hung, his long platinum-blonde hair obscuring his face.

“Is that?” The Pennyman asked, gazing up at the prone man.

“Yes.  It is Acmon, your brother.”


“He chose to go against us.”

“And his souls?”

“He never brought them back.”

“So this is to punish him?  For not bringing back his souls?”

“Not just for that…”

“Then for what, mother?  Because he dared to defy you?  Because when I allowed the bridge to be built-“

“No, he dared seek me out, he asked me to call this off.  He asked for mercy for these cows.”

“So, what now, mother?  You who would seek to rule over these cows.”

She snorted.  “What he did was akin, no, worse than treason.  He has personally hindered our mission.  And for that, he must die.”

“No!”  The Pennyman said, dropping his bag, a long wooden pole appearing in his left hand.  “That is against our agreement.”

His mother laughed.  “Really son?  You would choose them over me?”

“Nyx.  No matter who is in charge, I still have a job.  Now. Let. Him. Go.”  With each word, he slammed the end of the pole into the ground, sending a crack across the floor and up the wall, towards where the ropes holding his brother were tied.  “Now!”  And the crack leapt the remaining distance, the hooks holding the ropes falling, and with it his brother.

The Pennyman picked up his bag, and watching his mother, went to his brothers side.  He picked up the near lifeless form and took his three steps, leaving his mother looking at the destruction he had wrought.

Clink. Clink. Clink.


Unknown said...

While the Pennyman did technically make the destruction, he wouldn't have had to do it if his mother hadn't done what she'd done. I think it might be more powerful to say that she was looking at the destruction she wrought. Something to think about. ;o)

archnemesis_goldenhair said...

Re: Nikoda's comment.
She was at fault, or alternatively the cause, but she didn't physically do anything aside from string up her own son. Which, by the way, WTH.
Mom is seriously the vengeful type.

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