Thursday, January 6, 2011

Into The Darkness Chapter 2 Part 2

Doug opened his eyes, and then closed them again.  The effect was the same.  Opening them once more, all he saw was dark.  His cheek lay pressed against something cold, a hand stretched out before him.  It took him a moment to register that he could actually see the hand.  A thought occurred to him and he moved his fingers, tapping the chill ground to make sure that the arm he saw was his.  The hand complied and he watched his fingers dance.

He sat up, his head swimming.  Resting there, Doug took the opportunity to look around.

The room around him was dark, or, he reflected as he looked up and noticed a small point of light hanging above him, black.  Flat black.  He could not discern any corners or walls in the room, let alone a doorway.

He jumped at a noise behind him.  Cautiously he rose to his feet and turned around, afraid of what he might find.  Laying on the floor, about five feet from him, her coppery hair covering her face, lay Samantha.  Well, Doug thought, no hoped, it was Samantha, he would not be sure until he saw her freckled face.  Slowly, he crept up to the stirring form.  He reached down to brush the hair from her face just as she sat up.

“Doug!” She exclaimed.

He screamed.

She screamed and then cried, the skin around her hazel eyes quickly becoming puffy.

“Hey Sam.  It is you isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she stammered as her sobs subsided.  “Are you Doug?”


She stood up and hugged him.  “Where are we?”  Quickly, she stepped back, and straightening her black t-shirt, looked around.

“I’m not sure.”  He tried his best to not sound scared but fear caused his voice to quake slightly.

“Are there any walls?  She picked a direction and walked.  “Ow!” she said after four steps.  “Ok, there is a wall here.”

“How can you tell?” He asked. 

Her only response was a glare.  She was not going to admit she walked into a wall, even if she could not see it.  Hands out before her she walked along the wall, her right shoulder brushing up against it.  Soon her hands flattened against another wall.  “I found a corner.”

“Cool,” he watched what she did and carefully set off in the direction opposite from which she had gone, his hands outstretched.  He found a wall paced beside it, his right hand rubbing the wall while his left sought a corner.  So intent was he on the walls that he bumped into Samantha.

“Hey, watch it!”

“Sorry.”  He said sheepishly.

“I don’t get it, did you find a door?” She asked.

“No, did you?”

“No.”  Defeated, Samantha turned and leaned against the wall, sliding down it until her bottom hit the ground.  As she hung her head, the lone light in the room flared, blinding them both.

Frantically Doug rubbed his eyes, trying to restore the vision to them.  Finally able to see again, he glanced around.

Under the light sat what appeared to be his backpack.

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