Saturday, August 7, 2010


It was just like any other day when he woke up. His alarm went off, he stopped and got coffee and a bagel, and then went to work. Hell, he had even done some work.

His boss had stopped by and said hi, ignoring the game of solitaire he had been playing.

He had flirted with the cute girl in the mail room, and even finally gotten her number.
Then it was 5, and time to leave, so he did.

He walked out to where his Volkswagon Beetle was parked, but it was different somehow. It was still that obnoxious yellow color, that's what he got for letting his niece pick out the color, but, it had legs. Legs like a beetle, instead of wheels.

That's when he noticed the Impala a couple of spots down from his car, it had horns coming out of the hood, and it seemed to be sleeping, curled up on its gazelle like legs.

He could not wait to see his friends Tiburon...


J. A. Platt said...

Awesome. I'm imagining the shark week footage when his friend goes to unlock it. And what happens when he goes home and boots up snow leopard.

alphabete said...

I agree with comment #1. That would be a day I would throw away everything with an animal name.

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